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Better Reserve Consultants in the person of Mari Jo Betterley has completed 2 full reserve studies for our association.  Her work on each has been very helpful and insightful, particularly in setting up the communications so that “reserve-skeptical” members of the association are on board.  We are a small community (12 units) and communication and cohesion among owners on potentially contentious matters, like reserve assessments, is important to living together. Mari Jo handles this very well.

Mari Jo has a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements of reserve studies and of the practical aspects of our physical premises that are the subject of the study. She also knows well the details and operations of the program that generates the recommended contributions. At all times her applications are most practical. She is persistent in working with the association to make the study highly meaningful and workable for our planning/scheduling as a means of keeping the property in the desired state. ” 

Her practicality and thoroughness in analysis and communication, as well as her genial approach to the work, makes dealing with her both educational and very pleasant. 

Patrick Ellingsworth

Green Ranch Homeowners Assn

Officer and Board member January 31, 2023

Hi Mari Jo –

I would like to thank you for a great class, we all enjoyed it.

I am putting together a wall of training and accolades (we have received several awards for being
charitable members of the community, as well as have been recognized for our pandemic response in the Review Journal). I would like to put together a wall of training completion so our Owners can have confidence we’re all being kept well up to speed on the Reserve Training, as well as give some good PR for BRC.

Thanks as always!”

/ Jan 20, 2023

Better Reserve Consultants, LLC. works “hand in hand” with the Community Manager, Board of Directors, Investors, Homeowners and Property Management Companies to deliver a customized Reserve Study- A Study that is based on actual costs and projections for each Component.  Our focus is on education so that the Community Manager, Board of Directors, Investors, Homeowners and Property Management Companies understands the process and uses the Reserve Study as a  “living document.”

“Making your community Better!”

Our Goals

  • To Honor All Promises and Commitments
  • To Deliver Excellent Results
  • To Be Welcomed Back

Our Objective

  • To Always Achieve our Associations Desired Results
  • To Provide Outside Insight and Education
  • To Search for New and Improved Best Practices

Our Values

  • Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism
  • Family, Friendship, and Enjoying Life
  • Hard Work, Dedication, and Achievement

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I would like to acknowledge how impressed I was by Mari Jo Betterley from Better Reserve Consultants. I really appreciated the time she took to call and introduce herself to me as a board member. I have not had any of the other professionals we have worked with before do this.  She also came to our board meeting to review the reserve study we us.  She took the time to explain how the study was done, how the numbers calculated were done using real numbers and not guesses like some other reserve studies.  She made sure we understood the study and answered all our questions.  She also asked for input and if we needed anything added of changed. We will continue to work with Mary Jo.  I will also recommend her to other boards it was a great experience.


Jolene Fisher, President  

Wildcreek Business Park

Dear Mari Jo,

When Lindo Mar timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was looking for a new reserve consultant, the board of directors interviewed Mari Jo Betterley, the principal of Better Reserve Consultants.   At our first meeting with Ms. Betterley, we were so impressed with her that we hired Better Reserve Consultants on the spot.  When we recently received the final reserve study and reviewed it with Ms. Betterley, we knew that the faith she had inspired in us when we first met her was well-placed.  Ms. Betterley is very professional, thorough, has an excellent manner of explaining things to a volunteer board, and she is particularly pleasant to work with.  We are very pleased with the work Better Reserve Consultants has done for us. Sandra Wicks, President Board of Directors Lindo Mar Adventure Club


I am an owner of a unit in this development and just reviewed the Reserve Study you did for our HOA.  I wanted to complement you on this very fine report.  It’s the best I have ever seen for the purpose.  I realize most of it is boilerplate, but I like the presentation and the way it is organized, along with the site specific data.  It’s obvious to me that you all know what you’re doing!  Good job!

Sherwyn Drucker

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