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Mari Jo Betterley, RSS

  • Nevada State Permit RSS. 025
  • CAI RS.169
  • Association of Professional Reserve Analyst. 2331


Experience and Qualifications

Reserve Study Specialist Experience and Qualifications
Mari Jo Betterley, RSS 0000025
*Over 7000 Reserve Studies and Reserve Study Updates completed worldwide.
*Reserve Study Specialist 2004-Present
*Graduate- University of Nevada Reno- 1983
*Attendance 800+ Homeowner Association Executive Board Meetings and HOA Meetings
*State of Nevada Instructor Continuing Education Classes:
“Reserve Studies – Working With the Experts in the Field -Pavement Engineer” – CE.0166500-
CAM “ “Manager’s Role/ How to Read and Interpret a Reserve Study”- CE.0166000-CAM “ Reserve Studies- Meet the Experts- Painting and Surface Treatment”- C.E.0166600-CAM “Reserve Studies From Start to Finish- Fundamentals” – CE.0166400-CAM
*Community Association Institute

Kimberly Albrecht, Reserve Study Specialist State of Nevada, RSS 269 Supervising Community Manager State of Nevada, SUPV7293CAM Western Regional Vice President Better Reserve Consultants 4132 Rainbow BLVD, Suite #29 Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 Phone: 702-328-3504

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