Roof Maxx 3rd Party Comparison Tool

“ Seal the Deal” with the BRC 3rd Party Comparison!

The BRC 3rd Party Comparison Tool came about because our company has completed reserve studies on many properties using the Roof Maxx product and we have found that the associations are reducing their expenses by thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. We decided that it would be a great idea for all consumers to see how the Roof Maxx rejuvenation product could reduce their expenses!  Working with Brad Mills from Mills Roofing (the top Roof Maxx Dealer) and Mike Feazel (The CEO of Roof Maxx), we came up with the goals of the comparison tool. 

With the help of some of the Roof Maxx Mentors group, Better Reserve Consultants, LLC,  was able to design and test a dynamic 3rd party document from a Reserve Study Specialist point of view, for the Roof Maxx Dealers to use for closing the sale.

Our 3rd Party Comparison Tool will enable all Roof Maxx dealers to show each customer exactly what their reduction in expenses will be based on the estimated remaining useful life of the roof with and without the Roof Maxx product.

We would like to offer each dealer 5 FREE BRC Comparisons so that you may try out our tool at no charge. Please see the attached registration form to get started.

This 3rd party cost comparison is so much more powerful than a comparison done by the sales person with their own calculation.  We are the experts in the field.  Our calculation is based on industry standards.  We are a neutral 3rd party.  We do not work for you or Roof Maxx.  You may tell your clients that you are willing to pay for our service in order to show them how much their out of pocket savings will be.

“ Seal the Deal” with the BRC 3rd Party Comparison!

We would like to introduce ourselves!  We are Better Reserve Consultants, LLC.  Our company completes Reserve Studies for single family homes, homeowners associations, timeshares, resorts, hotels, apartment buildings, office parks, worship facilities, swimming pools, private (golf/social) clubs, and private schools.

A Reserve Study is a budget planning tool that plans the repair, replacement and restoration of the major components of the common elements including asphalt road resurfacing, building painting, roof replacement, pool resurfacing, etc. The idea is that the costs are funded equally over a period of years so that the money is available when you need it.

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I’ll invest $10 to show you how to save $25,000 – Jeremy Mills – Mills Roofing

What’s the bottom number? Cut to the chase.

We use the BRC Comparison to show your out of pocket savings by using Roof Maxx.

Thank you sincerely,   

Mari Jo Betterley, Reserve Study Specialist

Paul Herzbrun, Reserve Study Specialist

Better Reserve Consultants, LLC.

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